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Are Handmade Christmas Gifts Better Than Generic Store Bought Ones?

When Christmas is just around the corner it’s easy to feel overwhelmed choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones. Department stores advertise their wares like no tomorrow – many of them on clearance for the holiday season. Meanwhile, mass-produced gifts are highly affordable they can also be generic and nothing special, which is why many people opt to purchase handmade Christmas gifts.

A handmade gift is something that is truly one-of-a-kind and produced by a talented artisan looking to earn a living from his or her art. By choosing to purchase something other than a generic gift from a department store, you can support the local economy as well as local artists.

Perhaps the most compelling reason that people enjoy handmade gifts is that they’re ​high-quality and built to last. If you want the gifts you give to last a lifetime without falling apart in a year or two, you should opt for something created by a local artist. You’ll find that artists are picky about the materials they use and they’ll only create products that they can be proud of.

Though some Christmas gifts that are handmade are sold as-is, many of them can be customised when you purchase directly from the creator. In fact, if you have something special in mind you can commission a custom order to have that perfect gift made for your loved one. In actuality, this is something you can also do if you purchase holiday gifts for your pets, check stores like the Secret Santa Gift Shop UK for easily customisable christmas gifts.

Most important of all is that handmade gifts are helping our environment as opposed to ending up in a landfill and destroying it. Purchasing generic products mass manufactured overseas in a waste producing factory not only uses a great deal of fuel but energy as well. Purchasing from local artisans can help you reduce your carbon footprint and make our world a better place!