Why You Need to Book a Guest Friendly Hotel in Thailand

If you are traveling to Thailand there’s no doubt that you will have to book either in a hotel, guest house or hostel. Getting a great deal on a hotel in Thailand is very easy as the prices are incredibly reasonable when you compare it to western Hotels.

Be Careful When Booking Your Hotel

If you book a hotel while traveling alone you should always choose the option for two people. Most of the time there is no price difference so you might as well choose the second person option. The reason for this is that if you book a hotel room as a single person and if you want to bring an unregistered guest to your room afterwards the hotel may charge you an additional fee.

These fees are typically called joiner fees. In the west there really is no problem with bringing a guest to your room or even more people when having a party etc. In Thailand and especially tourist spots like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, you may be required to pay this additional expense and in some cases the hotel may refuse your guest.

Booking The Smart Way

There is however some hotels that will allow you to bring a guest to your room at any time. These hotels are referred to as guest friendly hotels and will not charge you extra for your guest. So if you booked your room and indicated just one person it will not be a problem for an additional guest. To find these hotels is not an easy task as many will not inform you of the additional charges before hand. You could e-mail them or call them to inquire but is never a guarantee as the employee may not be aware of the policy.

The best way to avoid having to pay the additional fee for an unregistered guest is to check out https://guestfriendlyhotelsthailand.com which will give you a list of all the guest friendly hotels in the major tourist areas of Thailand. The site will also list for you hotels on the lower end, midrange and high end so you can choose which one you like ensuring that there will be no Joiner fees should you end up bringing a guest. You should always double check with the hotel just in case their policy has changed. However the site mentioned seems to update their lists quite frequently so that you get accurate information.


There are many great places and things to see in Thailand. Although prices are much cheaper when compared to the west in regards to accommodation, the last thing you need is a shock surprise for an additional cost from the hotel you’re staying at.